Saving Schemes
JUSBL lunch some saving scheme to the customers to encourage the habit of saving. They required to be the members of the banks and tie-up in a group. Group meeting can be set on weekly/ Two weekly/ Monthly basis and required to collect the specific amount in their saving assure by the entire group member at the period of group formation. There are 8 types of saving products offered to its clients, they are:

1. Group Fund Saving
In every group meeting Nrs. 100.00 is collected compulsory from each member. If client want to get the saving amount before 5 yrs ,then the deposited amount is backed only after the dudection of 10% and if after 5 yrs then the payment is made with interest. Interest rate on saving is 6%.

2. Personal saving
Group member can open their account with minimum of Rs. 1 .Member can deposit their money and the collector(motivator)records the respective amounts in the member’s passbook.They can withdraw and deposit whatever amount they want from this account on official hour.The bank provides 8% interest to the saving account.

3. Family Saving
With the recommendation of the group member their family member can open an personal saving account and fixed account.Bank provides 8%on saving and 9% on 6 month term loan ,10% on 1 year,12% on 2 year and for above term ,fixed the interest rate on mutual understanding.

4. Group Upakar Kosh Saving
In every group meeting Rs.5. is collected  compulsory from each member but it is not necessary for those member whois not capable.The amount collected from the charge taken  as penalty for late coming and other charity for group from different organization are also deposit on this account.This account is operate by group leader and deputy leader.The bank provide 6% interest  to this account.

5. Education Child Saving
Group member can save their money for their children education on their own account .

6. Educational and pension saving
Group member can open their account for their children higher education and for their better life in  retirement .For this account they must deposit minimum Rs.60 in every group meeting but saving amount is on same rate .They can get  the amount equal to the 1 year collected amount as return.

7. Special Savings
JCMDB member can deposit minimum Rs. 100 their savings to open individual fixed accounts. They can deposit maximum accumulated to Rs. 5, 00,000/- in this fixed account for one year to three year and withdraw their amount after the end of period.

8. Institutional Saving
Any  cooperative and  institution can open the account . They can operate the saving mobilization activities on their account.